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Get answers from others involved in ferry to france
I`m looking for a cheap ferry trip for 2 adults and 2 kids to France. What are the ferry operators t... Read more
Asked by Sophia on 25th Jan 17:17

You can travel with MyFerryLink ferries, the newest operator on the busy Dover to Calais route. They offer numerous facilities for travellers that includes play areas for children ... Read more
Answered by Jack on 26th Jan 00:00

I want to know the level of care offered by ferry operators for unaccompanied minors. My daughter ag... Read more
Asked by Jessy on 14th Jan 15:44

Myferrylink have a scheme of Children travelling abroad without their Parents or Legal Guardian, but another adult has to accompany them along with a letter of consent.
Answered by John on 17th Jan 00:00

I would like to know some special features offered by MyFerryLink.... Read more
Asked by Adrica on 08th Jan 15:32

MyFerryLink is the newest ferry operator along Dover-Calais route. It operates a fleet of modern ferries offering spacious and relaxing onboard facilities to make your journey to t... Read more
Answered by Boozer on 09th Jan 00:00

I made a booking last week with MyFerryLink ferries. But I want to cancel now. How much they charge ... Read more
Asked by Harry on 04th Jan 15:12

Please refer to "Terms and Conditions" section of MyFerryLink website to know about the cancellation and refund policies of the company.
Answered by admin on 04th Jan 00:00

I want to travel from France to south of the UK by ferry. Could you let me know what ferries operate... Read more
Asked by Sven on 01st Jan 15:08

You can take a ferry to Dover. Calais Dover is the shortest as well as the most popular ferry route to travel between France and England. You can travel with MyFerryLink, the newes... Read more
Answered by Laurance on 02nd Jan 00:00