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Hi folks, for a change from the busy life, wanted to visit Calais on a short break in the weekend. I... Read more
Asked by Jack on 22nd Jul 11:52

Just 40 minutes away is St Omer, and I would also recommend Montreuil-sur-Mer.
Answered by Andrew  on04th Aug 23:00

With my spouse, I am planning a Europe trip and planning to book a ferry to Calais from Dover. What ... Read more
Asked by Eileeen on 22nd Jul 11:50

Done a similar trip earlier...had a great time. When you take Calais ferries you can not only visit France, but also, this route offers you convenient motorways to travel across E... Read more
Answered by Jessica  on31st Jul 23:00

I stay in Kent and planning a tour of France with my family of five. It`s our first trip abroad, so ... Read more
Asked by Raymonds on 19th Jul 13:22

You can also check ferry to France offers for more detailed information.
Answered by Dave  on21st Jul 23:00

Hello everyone, we have already visited Calais and had a great time there, and travelling through ch... Read more
Asked by Jessy on 19th Jul 13:19

Just 40 minutes away is St Omer and I would also recommend Montreuil-sur-Mer.
Answered by Nicolas  on24th Jul 23:00

If I don`t use my ticket will the money be refunded?... Read more
Asked by Tom Jake on 27th Jun 15:03

No, the money can not be refunded if you do not use your ferry ticket to sail. However, you could get a refund if the ferry operator receives a confirmation that you wish to cancel... Read more
Answered by Kevin Robert on04th May 23:00

Will there be any prior intimation if there is any cancellation of ferry service? ... Read more
Asked by Scarlett Lexi on 21st Jun 15:00

Passengers who have already booked their ferry tickets with the relevant ferry operator normally be intimated in advance in case if there are any delays or cancellations on that fe... Read more
Answered by Dylan on15th May 23:00

If I don`t use my ticket will the money be refunded? ... Read more
Asked by Tom Jake on 24th Jul 14:58

Your ferry ticket price will not be refunded if you do not use it on the specified date of departure. You are advised to cancel your ferry bookings more than 24 hours prior to the ... Read more
Answered by Cailyn on18th May 23:00

Will it be cheaper if we make ferry bookings over the telephone or online? ... Read more
Asked by Harley on 28th Jun 14:57

Normally, non-refundable service charges apply on bookings made by telephone. If you book ferry tickets online you can save on telephone booking fee. Also, it`s quick and easy to b... Read more
Answered by Jessica on05th May 23:00

What happens if I arrive late to the terminal? ... Read more
Asked by Henry Leo on 03rd Jul 14:56

Hi Henry, as Immigration and Port security checks occur at the check-in terminal prior to the actual departure time, you are advised to arrive early by 30 minutes for easy completi... Read more
Answered by Riley on08th May 23:00

What things are prohibited onboard? ... Read more
Asked by George Harry on 05th Jul 14:56

Ferry passengers are advised not to bring offensive and prohibited weapons and items such as sword blades, guns, firearms, explosives, sharp knives and other inflammable substances... Read more
Answered by Noah on11th May 23:00


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